Our terror trapped in the sands

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A CALDERDALE woman has sounded a warning to seaside visitors after she and her mother sank knee-deep in quicksand.

Joanne Bell, 45, and mum Christine Pickard, 69, found themselves trapped on the beach at Sandsend, near Whitby, with the tide coming in.

Joanne, from Northowram, said: “I won’t walk on that beach again. In the cold light of day you just think what could have been.

“We were both so shocked and shaken up.”

Joanne had taken her mother for a trip to the Yorkshire coast for her birthday.

They decided to walk from Whitby to Sandsend along with Miss Bell’s dog, Alfie.

As they strolled along the beach, Mrs Pickard, who lives in Wheatley, Halifax, sank up to her knee in the sand.

“She went straight down with no warning,” said Joanne, who retraced her steps to rescue her stranded mum – and felt her leg sink into the sand.

Both were stuck and the tide was rising but Miss Bell managed to drag herself free and luckily managed to pull her mum out too.

“I managed to crawl out on my tummy and roll out,” she said.

The pair, who are regular visitors to tWhitby, want to warn other beach-goers.

“We are also fully aware of the dangers of the unstable cliffs on this part of the coast. We weren’t aware the landslip from this cliffs turn what looks like innocent sand into quicksand.”

She said if it had been a young child or someone on their own it could have been very different.

The pair said waited on the beach to warn other walkers and called the coastguard.

Joanne has written to Scarborough Council to ask why no signs were in place. They say signs have now been put up to warn passers-by.

A spokesperson said the mud was often hidden by a layer of sand brought in by tides or winds.