Outstanding view from the clouds!

Ifty paragliding above the French Alps.
Ifty paragliding above the French Alps.

The sky is the limit for a 40 year old man who experiences the world’s greatest views from the clouds.

Ifty Ahmed, of Hopwood Lane, Halifax, wanted to be a pilot from a young age but was not allowed to be one when he got glasses, so he decided to take the opportunity into his own hands and started paragliding.

Since he started around seven years ago, Ifty has visited the Atlas Mountains, the French Alps, the Himalayas and Lanzarote and has plans to broaden his horizons.

“It is just an incredible feeling being up in the sky. I am doing something that is unnatural.

“Experiencing the world from above is just exhilarating.”

Alongside his friend, Tim Woodhouse, Ifty takes to the sky at least once a week and has recently bought a motorised paraglider - meaning that he can now lift off from the ground, rather than having to scale a mountain.

“A stand out point for me was seeing the Himalayas from 16,000 ft. It was absolutely amazing.”

The dare devil was inspired to start the “fantastic sport” after he saw a video of someone paragliding.

“After I saw the video, I went and got lessons and air training and haven’t stopped since.”

Ifty has planned to get his next birds eye view of Brazil and has been making videos of his trips using a camera strapped to his helmet.

To view his videos, visit www.vimeo.com/