Overdose of heroin killed a young mum

THE mother of a three-month-old baby was killed by a heroin overdose.

Lisa Kiffin, 30, was found dead in bed at her home in Keighley Road, Illingworth, Halifax, by her partner Mahmood Karim.

An inquest heard Mr Karim returned home around midnight and found Miss Kiffin "very giggly" and in a "funny sort of mood".

Next morning he got up to tend to the baby, leaving her in bed. At 11am he tried to wake her but failed and called an ambulance.

Det Chief Insp Mark McManus said Miss Kiffin was known to have used illegal drugs and was also on medication for depression and insomnia.

Her partner had found her collapsed on the bathroom floor two weeks before she died after she took a combination of drugs. Police found cannabis, prescription drugs and an unidentified white powder at her home.

A post-mortem found cocaine, diazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) and fatal levels of heroin. Coroner Roger Whittaker said there was no evidence she was addicted to heroin or took it regularly.

He recorded a narrative verdict saying the heroin with the diazepam made her drowsy. which was how she went into a coma and died.