Paddy's wife speaks out...

By Megan Featherstone THE marriage of footballer Paddy Kenny is over according to reports.

The goalkeeper who plays for Sheffield United had insult added to injury when Wayne Rooney slammed two goals past him in Saturday's Premiership match.

The loss to Manchester United came on the same day his wife Karen, 25, reportedly confessed she had dumped the Republic of Ireland goalkeeper for his friend Paul Binns who earns 400 a week working in brewery.

The mother of two is said to be blaming herself for a fight which broke out at Ziggy's Spice Hut, Carlton Street, Halifax, at round 3am last Monday between Paddy and another friend.

"It's all my fault", said Mrs Kenny, who admitted she had been seeing the 24-year-old for a month but denied she had been seeing her husband's other pal who was involved in the curry house ruck.

Karen Kenny is quoted in a newspaper as saying: "I am having a relationship with Paul. There is no one else and there never has been. What this other man is saying is completely untrue.

"Paddy was very upset when he found out.

"He is a brilliant dad and footballer and has been a good husband. He has done nothing wrong.

The ones who have done wrong are Paul and me.

"I am sorry that this has happened but I can't help how I feel."

As the fight escalated Paddy's "friend" is reported to have ripped a chunk out of his eyebrow. The keeper needed 12 stitches and was kept overnight at Calderdale Royal Hospital.

He has now been banned from drinking in the town by his Sheffield United boss Neil Warnock.