Pair attacked teen with iron bar and sock

TWO men who attacked a teenager with an iron bar have been sent to jail.

Michael Mather, 32, and James Gray, 33, carried out a premeditated and vicious assault leaving their 17-year-old victim unconscious.

The incident took place on April 18, 2010, at Banksfield Crescent, Mytholmroyd, where Gray and Mather both live.

Bradford Crown Court heard how the two men heard their victim was making his way with two friends towards the estate.

They armed themselves with an iron bar and a weighted sock and lay in wait for the youths to arrive before attacking them.

There had previously been bad blood between the men and their victim and the assault was focused on him.

Gray, who was on bail at the time of the attack, and Mather chased and beat the youth with the weapons and left him unconscious in the street before threatening other people at the scene.

The 17-year-old youth was left unconscious in the street. He eventually came round but was later found in a semi-conscious state at a friend's house.

Mather and Gray had stood trial for the offences after pleading not guilty to charges including assault occasioning actual bodily harm, affray and unlawful violence.

Witness statements from the trial described the attack as nasty and brutal and some neighbours were afraid to leave their homes.

The court was told how Mather and Gray were local bullies who had a reputation for administering violence in this way.

Judge John Potter said: "You were both convicted following a fully contested trial. The jury convicted you in a comparitively short period of time.

"The jury rejected your version of events and took the view that you weren't telling the truth.

"You both have long criminal history and have shown no sense of remorse for what you did."

They were both sentenced to three years in prison.