Pair in dash for safety after burning gas fire falls off wall

A PARTIALLY-sighted disabled man had a lucky escape when a gas fire fell off his lounge wall just days after being serviced.

Finbar Edwards fears if a gas pipe had fractured he would not be around to tell the tale.

Mr Edwards, 63, of Dodge Holme Drive, Mixenden, Halifax, was sitting in his armchair as usual just feet from the fire.

“I had turned it on and was half asleep when there was a bang,” he said.

“It was a couple of seconds before I grasped what had happened.”

His daughter Natasha, 24, rushed from the next room and they both fled outside and turned off the gas supply.

“The fire was on the floor and there was a strong smell of gas,” said Miss Edwards.

A Pennine workman visited later that day and told Mr Edwards he had a lucky escape.

“He said I was lucky because the pipe did not snap. I do not think I would be here if it had,” said Mr Edwards, who has several health problems and struggles with mobility.

“I’d only just been given a landlord gas safety record receipt saying everything was fine but it must not have been fitted properly.”

The lounge carpet was burnt where the fire fell on it.

Lindsey Merifield, for Pennine, said it was not known what led to the accident.

“The gas fire was serviced on May 20 by one of our registered engineers and left securely fixed to the wall,” she said.

“We are unable to ascertain how it fell off but we are providing and fitting a new gas fire for Mr Edwards.”