Pam launches tribute to her beloved pet dog

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A woman from Halifax has had her first book published after writing a tribute to her beloved pet dog.

Pam Edwards, from Keelham, wrote Slade All in Black and White after her border collie Slade died last year.

The book, which features many areas of Calderdale, was published in February after taking around six months to write.

Pam said: “I started writing it the day after Slade died. I wanted to write my feelings down and make a tribute to him.

“It just went on from there once I got into the swing of it, although I worked long and hard on it.

“He was bred by a couple of farmer friends of mine but he wasn’t up to being a sheepdog, so I took him.

“Obviously the subject is very close to my heart. I had him for 11 years.

“It goes through the times we shared with him, telling the story of me getting him and meeting my partner, so it has a romance side to it as well.

“It’s something I never expected to do and am quite proud that I did this.

“My neighbours have been really supportive and I’ve had some really good feedback.

“People have been asking if I’m going to be doing another one so you never know!”

Slade All in Black and White is available now.