Paper hats record attempt ready to go

Freddy Fox and Halicat in paper hats at the Shay Stadium, Halifax.
Freddy Fox and Halicat in paper hats at the Shay Stadium, Halifax.

There’s only one place to be this Saturday if you want to help the Courier set a new world record and win a brand new iPad.

We are looking for as many people as possible to come down to the Piece Hall so we can smash the record for the most people wearing paper hats simultaneously.

The current mark is set at 390 but with support from the people of Calderdale we know we can smash that and get our entry inthe Guinness Book of World Records.

Courier staff have been testing their origami skills get hats ready for the day.

FC Halifax Town mascot Freddy Fox and Halifax RL mascot Halicat put on their very own paper hats to give us their backing.

Freddy said: “I think this world record attempt is just fantastic.

“I will be down there supporting on the day - it was difficult to fold with my paws but I managed to do it.”

The two mascots aren’t known for their close friendship but this event has brought them together.

“The whole day’s going to be purrrfect - I can’t wait to get down there and show my support,” said Halicat.

“There’s no pussyfooting around - we’re going to make sure the people of Calderdale are record breakers.”

The all day event, in conjunction with the Piece Hall jubilee celebrations. will include more than 40 market stalls and is being hosted by Phoenix Radio.

Everyone who takes part inthe record attempt will be eneteredinto a prize draw to win a brand new iPad donated by Dews Motoring Group Calderdale.

The record attempt will take place at 1pm but people are encouraged to get to The Piece Hall before 12.30pm to register.

You can also register your interest online via the Courier Facebook page.

Turn to page 87 now for more information on the day and hat making.