Paralympian Hannah Cockroft backs our #sistersport campaign

Hannah Cockroft
Hannah Cockroft

Golden girl Hannah Cockroft pushed her body to the limit on the world stage in last year’s Paralympic Games.

Halifax-born wheelchair racer ‘hurricane’ Hannah brought home a staggering three gold medals and set a world record in Rio, securing her place as one of Yorkshire’s most inspirational athletes.

She stands as a fantastic ambassador for women’s sport and has lent her support to the Courier’s #sistersport campaign.

As part of the campaign, she spoke to us about her experience of sport and the impact it has had on her life.

Hannah, 24, said: “The taboo around females in sport needs to change. People always ask me ‘you do all this training, you do all this weight training, are you not afraid you’re going to get really muscly and big’.

“Go and weight train if that’s what you want to do - everything you do makes you stronger, it’s not going to make you look ‘manly’.

“Choose something you want to do. If it is a team, or if it’s a sport you want to do, and it’s got an all-male team, don’t be put off by that.

“The barriers that you think are there, there is always a way around it or there is always someone willing to help. Just find something that you love and take it as far as you can, because it’s fantastic finding something you really enjoy.”

Sending a message to readers, she said: “I’m all for the #sistersport campaign. It would be great to see more girls and women involved in sport, and not necessarily looking to be elite athletes, just for their own health and well being.

“Sport has given me so much over the years and I’ve made great friends and I think all women can benefit from an active lifestyle.

“[It’s] getting to learn what it is to be part of a team and just going out there and representing my country, but I started out representing Yorkshire.

“That’s such a proud moment. It’s such an incredible thing to do and sport just teaches you how to communicate, how to make friends, confidence, independence and teaches you how to accept yourself.

“As long as you enjoy it, it will take you places.”