Parents’ road safety fear for children crossing outside school

Concern: Parents are lobbying for better crossing protection for Ripponden children
Concern: Parents are lobbying for better crossing protection for Ripponden children

Parents are concerned for children’s safety when they cross the road at a primary school.

Ripponden Junior and Infant School is on the main Halifax Road used by traffic going to and from the M62 motorway’s nearby Rishworth junction.

The school’s crossing patrol officer retired at Easter but it has been a struggle to find a replacement and a request for a zebra crossing has so far not been met with success.

One of the parents, Sophie Swann, said: “We have come back to school after summer and that there is still not anything is a concern. There is a Pelican crossing 70 metres down the road.

“The people who stop are locals who can see there is a lot of people trying to cross the road, but a lot of car drivers don’t know the school is there so have to ‘slam on’, in some ways it causes a danger.”

Calderdale Council head of highways Steven Lee said the council was considering options to make the road safer.

Next year an advisory 20mph zone at peak times is being introduced, reinforced with ‘children walking’ markings on the road.

“This location previously had a school crossing patrol officer, however they recently retired and although council and school have been advertising for a replacement, so far we have been unable to fill the post.

“If anyone knows of someone who may be interested in the position or if any parents or carers would like to take on the role, please contact the council’s Safe Active Travel team at

“Whilst there is no zebra crossing, there is a pelican crossing below the school which is well used. A request for the provision of a zebra crossing has been received and will be assessed for suitability and prioritised alongside other requests.”