Parking charges removed

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The controversial evening parking charges in Halifax town centre which led in part to a vote of no confidence in the former Labour cabinet were removed this week.

The charges, which were introduced in January, have proved deeply unpopular with residents and retailers.

In February, amendments were made to the council’s budget to overturn the charges. However the ruling Labour cabinet chose to keep the charges in place.

Last month members of opposition groups pulled together to call a vote of no confidence over the parking issue and unpopular plans for the Hipperholme crossroads.

Coun Scott Benton, deputy council leader, said: “It was the primary reason why we took over Cabinet, so we’ve been very keen to push this forward as quickly as we could.”

Charges have also been removed from some of the outlying car parks in Brighouse, West Vale, Ripponden, King Cross and Todmorden.

Conservative MP for Calder Valley Craig Whittaker said: “I am delighted to see that the new Conservative-led Cabinet has acted so quickly to remove these unwanted and damaging charges as well as the additional evening charges in Halifax town centre.

“Introducing these charges at a time when the economic recovery was starting to be felt by local families sent out completely the wrong message and I’m sure that both the retailers and the residents of our market towns will be delighted.”