Paul proves there is life after a stroke

Paul Thomas
Paul Thomas

A Halifax stroke survivor has proved that their is ‘Life after Stroke’ after he took part in a charity walk last weekend.

Paul Thomas, 36, was joined by his family and friends when he pushed his six month old baby girl Maddelyn Amelia’s pram around the one mile Step out for Stroke event at Roundhay Park.

So far, they have managed to raise £370 for the Stroke Association and are hoping to raise more.

Paul suffered from a stroke in December 2012 and lost movement to the left side of his body.

Although the movement has gradually returned and Paul has started walking, he still has limited control over his left side.

Paul said: “The Step out for Stroke on Saturday was a huge success, I managed to walk the mile circuit, plus we walked another half mile as we parked in wrong place!

“For me, physically and mentally it was exhausting, but it was wonderful to have the support of my family and friends walking alongside me.”

Mahalia France-Mir, from the Stroke Association, added: “Paul is a real inspiration and seeing him challenge himself at Step out for Stroke is testament to how far he has come.”