All Saints Halifax Cub Scouts to take part in litter picking competition in Skircoat Green

35th All Saints Halifax Cub Scouts35th All Saints Halifax Cub Scouts
35th All Saints Halifax Cub Scouts
The 35th All Saints Halifax Cub Scouts will be taking to the streets of Skircoat Green to run a litter-picking competition.

The scouts will be sent out in four teams then the winning team will be awarded with a trophy filled with sweets.

A local councillor will be there, and the council's waste department are supporting the scouts with litter pickers and bags.

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Natalie Loben, the leader of the scout group, said: "We are inspired as a group to undertake the litter picking because our leaders and members wish to give something back to the local community, who have provided us with lots of support over the years. It's also important to us that our members grow up to be proud of their community and feel more connected to it.

"We are the 35th All Saints Cubs, and ours is the biggest Scout group in the district. Cubs meet at 6:15 - 7:30pm every Monday in term time, Scouts meet at 7:45 - 9:00pm every Monday in term time, Beavers meet from 6:30pm - 7:30pm every Thursday in term time and Explorers meet between 7:45 and 9pm on a Thursday in term time. All meetings are at All Saints Church Hall on Godfrey Road. We have over 100 children across the group.

"The litter picking event is on a normal cubs pack night, so 6:15 - 7:30pm on Monday. It has been supported by Councillor Mike Barnes, who will be attending, and Calderdale Parks Department, plus Calderdale Green Spaces and Street Scene, who have all been amazing in offering help to allow the event to go ahead.

"Our plan is to split the group into a number of teams and send them on separate routes and then give a prize to the team who collects the most litter in the hour they are out.

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"If anyone would be interested in volunteering to help our group as a leader or any other capacity, they can contact me directly on [email protected]. Equally, children who wish to join the group should contact the same address."