Anger over admission fee for Chow Down event at The Piece Hall

Chow Down at the Piece Hall
Chow Down at the Piece Hall

Hundreds of people have spoken out over the introduction of paid admission to the Chow Down event taking place at The Piece Hall.

After welcoming over 120,000 people last year - when the event was free to attend - Chow Down returns for three weekends of independent street food, craft ale, cocktails, live music and family-friendly activities between 24-27 May, 26-28 July and 23-26 August.

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The Piece Hall building will be open as usual and free of charge to visitors who want to enjoy the shops, cafes, tourist information and heritage spaces.

Chow Down’s entry fee will be charged within an enclosed festival area in The Piece Hall grounds. T

The £3 entry fee will gain visitors entry for the entire weekend with a stamp allowing you to leave and re-enter throughout the weekend once you have paid. Under 14’s go free.

However, the admission price has been met with heavy criticism with hundreds having their say on the issue.

What some of you have said via our Facebook page on the £3 ticket price

Tracey Jones: "We went last year and it was expensive enough for food and drinks but I won't pay to get In."

Linda Adam: "I will give it a miss then in protest it's ridiculous in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how busy it is this year."

Michelle Hunter: "Why make a brilliant event like this just for those who can afford the admission fee? The beauty of it last year was that it brought people into The Piece Hall who wouldn't normally go there! The event should be open to everyone and I hope it doesn't suffer as a consequence of this ludicrous decision! Please let's not make this amazing space just for the elite!"

Rebecca Cigan: "What a shame. Will put many people off."

Felicity Clewes: "We wont be going to the Chow Down if there is an entry fee. I dont mind paying a bit more for food and beer for the atmosphere and to try something a bit different but I'm not willing to pay for that twice in effect."

Dawn Davis: "Well I was going to go, but not now."

Mandy Stamper: "A group of 10 of us went last year and thought it was great, we spent a lot of money. Really cannot see why an admission charge is needed!"

Danny Warville: "Totally wrong, food and drink are pricy enough at this event as it is!"

Séan Walsh" "Real shame and unlikely to attract the same crowds enjoyed last year, the food isn’t exactly cheap to start with."

Nat Tom: "The prices of the food are already over the top for Halifax and then charging to enter is just daft. When they see the takings down from last year it will go back to being free."

Jane Kay: "Oh, what a shame- the openness of it last year was part of the attraction- being able to wander round and in and out freely, sit where you like and able come and go easily was great- there was such a relaxed vibe. An entrance fee will surely require more staffing, more queuing and destroy the lovely atmosphere they created last year. I don't want to be in a fenced in area- it just wouldn't feel the same. Maybe one person could pay to get in, buy the food and pass it though the fence to the rest of the family?"

Some of you have said that you wouldn't mind paying the entrance fee

Jill Thornber Hepworth Why will £3 put people off? One less gin or pint or burger. Get over it

Nic Bonham It’s £3 for a weekend, perspective people! It costs more for a cup of coffee!!

ndrew Lunn £3 for crying out loud. Not much, especially if you're used to paying the ridiculous food prices.

Mandy Keeler Sounds fine to me.... if it helps towards the Piece Hall it is all good

Michele Abson I loved it last year and won’t mind one bit paying £3 for a good day out......sounds like a bargain to me