Bald move gives HEED a head start

A new skincare company aimed at those who have lost their hair hopes to remove the stigma behind being bald and encourage those who are to look after their skin.

Monday, 23rd September 2019, 4:26 pm
Founder: Martin Schwaller of HEED Skincare, which has developed products to keep heads healthy.

HEED skincare for heads, which is based in Halifax, was recently launched by Martin Schwaller as a way of encouraging bald people to look after and be proud of their look.

Working alongside specialist labs and manufacturers based in York, HEED produces products using essential oils and vitamins, formulated to keep heads healthy and encourage those who are bald to flaunt their look.

Martin said: “As a bald person of many years I understand how bald heads do need looking after. Nothing was available to help. I decided it was high time bald heads were treated with the dignity and care they deserve.”