Brighouse housing scheme back before planners

A site is back before planners with a proposal to  build five homes near Brighouse.

By John Greenwood - Local Democracy Reporter
Thursday, 26th May 2022, 2:00 pm

Mr Brearley has applied to Calderdale Council seeking outline permission for a revised scheme to build the new homes at land to the north east of Ings Croft, Field Lane, Rastrick.

Two years ago permission was granted to build two pairs of semi-detached houses – four homes in total – but earlier this year proposals to build three pairs of semi-detached homes was refused by the council.

A supporting document submitted with the application, drawn up by Express Planning, says the site is unused and has a detrimental impact on the surrounding area.

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Halifax Town Hall

It is immediately surrounded by residential buildings of the same style, terraced and semi-detached, two or three-storey houses with on-street parking, and parking located in the front gardens and garages at back gardens.

The existing site consists of fully grown protected trees, open space, overgrown bushes and shrubs and small trees, with no evidence of formal landscaping nor other natural features that could support habitat for wildlife, says the statement.

“It can be confidently stated that the site has no ecological value.

“The site’s development provides an opportunity to enhance its contribution to biodiversity in the wider area significantly,” the document says, adding that some small trees will be removed if permission is given.

“It is an unutilised space and has a detrimental impact on the surrounding area.

“The site provides the opportunity to redevelop unused and redundant areas with the possible provision of innovative, consciously-designed infill housing.

“The applicant views this garden as an opportunity for land use transformation that can contribute to the borough,” says the statement.

Similar homes have been built around Calderdale recently and the designs would complement the surrounding neighbourhood.

“The site can comfortably accommodate high-quality designed, new build dwellings.

“With a design that complements the surrounding neighbourhood, the proposed new build dwelling houses would fit perfectly at the site in question.

“The scheme seeks to make efficient use of the scarce urban environment to deliver housing stock to the borough,” says the supporting document.

The application, number 22/00509/OUT, can be viewed on the council’s Planning Portal.