Families saddle up for Calderdale track party

Cyclists on Brooksbank cycling track.
Cyclists on Brooksbank cycling track.

The Calderdale community is saddling up for a day of all things cycling as the first borough track party is held.

The family fun day, which is hosted by Calderdale Council, Brooksbank School and Pedalsport Cycling Club, will roll into action at Brooksbank School’s cycle circuit in Elland on April 19 from 9am to 4.30pm.

There will be something for everyone at the event and it will give people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the cycling, racing and coaching sessions and guided Sky Ride on part of the Calderdale route.

Paul Butcher, Calderdale Council’s Director of Public Health, said: “With the Tour de Yorkshire just around the corner, we have teamed up with Brooksbank School and Pedalsport Cycling Club to inspire people of all ages and abilities to get on their bikes and enjoy a fun day out. We are delighted to support the event, which shows how cycling can make a real difference to people’s lives. It’s packed with health benefits, which people will be able to learn more about at the event.”

There will be food and drink stalls, informations stands, small funfair rides and a bouncy castle for the youngsters.

Mark Ragan, Director of Community Sport at The Brooksbank School Sports College, said: “We are so lucky to have this fantastic, safe cycling facility as part of our school facilities and want the whole community to have the opportunity to benefit from using it. We have already added cycling onto the curriculum and the cycling club is growing. The links with our feeder primaries and local cycling clubs have already introduced hundreds of young children to safe cycling on the circuit. Hopefully the rest of the community will find an opportunity to get involved – starting by visiting the circuit on Sunday 19 April at the open day.”

Mark Rushby, Pedalsport Cycling Club Chairman, said: “The Brooksbank circuit has provided an amazing facility for encouraging people of all ages to cycle with us in a safe environment. Since its completion our membership has doubled and we now have over 200 riders under 14 years of age that regularly ride with the club. We also have nearly 200 over-14s that ride and compete with us on a regular basis. We have members from 5 to 65 years old and from novice to national champions through all age ranges. The track has given us an amazing foundation to build on and we owe a huge thanks to Brooksbank School and Calderdale Council who supported this venture from day one.”

For a detailed timetable of the track party activities on Sunday 19 April, head to the Cycle Calderdale website.