Former Colonel of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment Dick Mundell has died

Brigadier Dick MundellBrigadier Dick Mundell
Brigadier Dick Mundell
Brigadier Dick Mundell, who was Colonel of the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment from 1990 to 1999, has died.

Brigadier Dick’s funeral will be held in York Minster on Thursday (tomorrow) at 2pm. Due to the current Covid restrictions, only 150 people are allowed to attend inside the Minster.

Those attending will be a made up of family as well as many members of the Regiment including General Sir Evelyn Webb-Carter who succeeded Brigadier Dick as Colonel of the Regiment and will give a Eulogy on the Regiment’s behalf.

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Brigadier Dick was commissioned into the Regiment in 1958, served as Company commander in the Regiment from 1971-73, including the Regiment’s first two operational tours in Northern Ireland, commanded the 1st Battalion in Germany and Catterick 1979-82 which again included two operational tours in Northern Ireland, for which he was awarded the OBE and was Colonel of the Regiment 1990-1999.

Brigadier Andrew Meek, the President of the Regimental Association, said: “Dick was a Yorkshireman through and through as well as a great “Duke”.

“He was born and bred in Leeds, went to school at Leeds Grammar School, joined his local county infantry Regiment, the ‘Dukes’, not least because of its exceptional heritage in the great game of rugby, dear to many Yorkshiremen’s hearts.

“While in the Regiment he also played briefly for Halifax in the 1960s. Throughout his service he maintained an especially close bond with his soldiers whom he held in immense respect for, not least for their understated Yorkshire robustness and humour.

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“That respect was reciprocated and perhaps best reflected by a recent comment from one of his old soldiers on the Regiment’s Facebook page - “I only hold the utmost admiration and total respect for a wonderful man”.”

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