Fundraising dinner to provide rucksacks for Calderdale’s homeless

The Rucksacks4Homeless auction dinner
The Rucksacks4Homeless auction dinner

A special fundraising dinner took place at The Gayling Rooms in the Piece Hall to help purchase more rucksacks for homeless people in Calderdale.

The Rucksacks4Homeless Auction Dinner - organised by the Rotary Club of Sowerby Bridge and Happy Days - saw more than 80 guests attend, including the Mayor of Calderdale Dot Foster and her Consort Mike Foster.

The rucksacks are filled with the essential items to help provide some warmth and comfort to a rough sleeper in the cold winter months. Each rucksack costs approximately £73.

Dave Fawcett, CEO of Happy Days, said: “What an amazing evening, what really helped communicate the story of the rucksack4homeless was the personal testimonies from three ex homeless men who have been supported by Happydays homeless charity.

“I think it had a real impact on those listening at the dinner, with one guest quoted as saying: ‘listening to the guys’ stories has really opened my eyes to the real issues of homelessness’.

“We hope to provide every rough sleeper in Calderdale and Kirklees next winter with one of our lifesaving homeless rucksack kits.”

Hazel Brindle, from the Rotary Club of Sowerby Bridge, and organiser of the event along with her team, said: “It was a night to be remembered. It was emotional hearing from the three ex homeless of their journey from homeless to home and what that meant to them.

“The night was also charged with fun and friendship. I received an email from Dave Fawcett showing a photo of a homeless person who had received a rucksack, and there was one comment: ‘the rucksack has helped me a lot, I use the flask all the time, the mat and sleeping bag have kept me alive’.”

If you would like to give any financial support in purchasing a rucksack for the homeless, email