Great gran tells peers to crank it up

Cyclist enthusiast Carol Hare, 71, pictured with residents at Hanover House, Halifax
Cyclist enthusiast Carol Hare, 71, pictured with residents at Hanover House, Halifax

A Halifax great-gran is getting in the saddle to encourage companions to push it up a gear and ‘gerron yer bike’!

Life-long cycling enthusiast, Carol Hare, 71, of Hanover House, is using her cycling experience to encourage fellow residents to get back in the saddle.

Carol joined Hanover Hosue residents for a cycling themed party at the estate where she promoted the wellbeing benefits of cycling.

Her passion for cycling started as an 18-month-old baby when her accomplished cyclist father fitted a child seat to his bicycle. Aged 11, Carol joined a cyclist touring club.

Over the years, Carol and her family toured the length and breadth of the country and Europe with cycling excursions across Belgium, Holland, Spain and France - across the Pyrenees mountain range.

But, at the age of 40, Carol and other riders were knocked off their bikes by a passing caravan whilst touring near Skipton. Carol was taken to hospital with a broken jaw and fractured skull.

Carol said: “After the accident many of my fellow riders retired from cycling. “Thanks to the surgeons at St Lukes Hospital, Bradford, I made a full recovery but have no memory of the accident. In some ways this worked in my favour as I couldn’t wait to get back on my bike.”

Today, Carol cycles twice a week with over 50’s group Autumn Tints Cycling Club. “Cycling is well and truly in my blood. The freedom you get with a bicycle is so enjoyable. You set off when you want and get out into the fresh air with friends to get good exercise and enjoy the beautiful countryside.

“I’d encourage all my friends at Hanover House and older people generally to get back in the saddle,” she said.