Halifax couple's 'slow down' plea after 13 crashes outside their home in 20 years

This concerned Halifax couple are calling for speed-calming measures after a staggering 13 crashes outside their home in the 20 years since they moved in.

Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 9:10 am
Updated Thursday, 2nd September 2021, 9:12 am
Joanne and Andrew Hewson

Joanne and Andrew Hewson, of Mill Lane in Mixenden, fear there could be a fatality if action is not taken soon to curb speeding on their road and adjoining Clough Lane.

After having to repair the wall outside their home three times because of vehicles smashing into it, they replaced it with a fence which has proved cheaper to fix.

They have also had vehicles hitting their parked car. When they bought a new car four years ago, they had only had it three weeks before it was crashed into.

The most recent incident, at the end of July, involved a BMW smashing into their car, two other parked vehicles and their fence.

Mr Hewson heard the sound of “a powerful car racing down Clough Lane” in the early hours of July 29.

“Suddenly the sound changed to tyre squeals before a tremendous explosion of broken plastic, glass and metal rolled over the village,” he said,

“I found my car had been destroyed by a black BMW that was embedded in my fence.”

Mrs Hewson added: “Someone is going to get killed.”

The couple hope speed-calming measures such as speed bumps or chicanes would prevent more accidents.

Mrs Hewson said there used to be a speed camera in the area but it has been removed.

Calderdale Council’s Cabinet Member for Regeneration and Strategy Jane Scullion, said: “Resurfacing work is currently taking place on both Mill Lane and Clough Lane in Mixenden.

“The existing speed cushions on Clough Lane will be reinstated after the resurfacing and we’ll also be making improvements to the signage and lining on Mill Lane.

“This will include the addition of ‘slow’ road markings.

“We’re aware of the impact that speeding traffic can have on local communities and as part of the Calderdale Road Safety Partnership we work with colleagues in the police and other agencies to educate around road safety and where necessary, enforce legislation.”