Halifax filming: Everything we know about Disney Plus series Full Monty 2

A film crew is in Halifax town centre today filming for the new Disney Plus series Full Monty 2 - here's everything we know about the show.

By sarah fitton
Thursday, 4th August 2022, 3:23 pm

Sheffield-based comedy The Full Monty was a huge success when the film was released in 1997, making just under £200 million from a paltry £3 million budget.

Now, 25 years after the gang bared it all, the film is getting a sequel in the form of a Disney Plus eight-part series.

The series will star most of the original main cast from the film and look at how their lives have changed since their ballsy dance routine all those years ago.

The crew in Halifax town centre today

The film followed a group of working class men in post-industrial Sheffield who concocted a scheme while hanging out at the job center to start stripping so that they could continue to provide for their families.

For a film with such incredibly bleak themes, the film manages to be consistently funny throughout, and has gone on to be cemented as one of Britain’s best-loved comedies.

There is no official release date scheduled for the series, however, filming began on 28 March this year.

The show is also part of a roster of Disney Plus local productions set to be released by 2024,.

The new series will follow the same group of friends as the original film, still in sunny Sheffield as they continue to encounter the problems of deprivation.

The group will experience an overburdened and underfunded healthcare system, low employment opportunities and poor quality schools.

With more children and grandkids dependent on them than 25 years ago, the pressure will be on for the one-time strippers to find a way to triumph over life’s adversities.

Not much is known about the specifics of the plot, but Simon Beaufoy, the writer of the 1997 film is back writing the series.

Simon said: “We’re chuffed to bits to get all the Monty Men back together again – now with a chaotic entourage of children, grandchildren, pets and assorted hangers-on – to see what life in Sheffield is like 25 years on.”

Lee Mason, Director of Scripted Content at Disney, added: “Twenty-five years ago Simon introduced us to a group of funny, fearless and resilient unemployed working-class men from Sheffield and the world fell in love with them.

"We’re delighted to reunite the original cast for this brand-new series on Disney Plus to catch up with these iconic characters and what they’ve been up to since we last saw them on stage in all their glory, and we can’t wait to introduce a host of exciting new faces and characters.”

Full Monty 2 starring Robert Carlyle and Mark Addy filming in Halifax town centre today HERE