Halifax nursery rated inadequate by Ofsted

Kiddywinks nursery in Halifax has been rated as inadequate in their latest Ofsted report.

The nursery was rated as good in its previous inspection, but has been told it requires improvement in the quality of education and behaviour and attitudes categories, and is inadequate when it comes to personal development, leadership and management and overall effectiveness.

Kiddywinks Day Nursery, North Parade, Halifax

Kiddywinks Day Nursery, North Parade, Halifax

The inspection on October 9 found that staff do not follow safe sleeping routines for babies or ensure mattresses are cleaned regularly enough. It also found that staff lay some babies down to rest on the floor and in cots with a bottle in their mouths.

It says staff have not had sufficient training in this area, which puts children’s health and safety at risk.

The report says leaders have some understanding of the areas that need to be improved, but plans to improve are not implemented swiftly enough which means that children’s safety is not always maintained and teaching is inconsistent.

According to the report, children are not always supported well enough to explore their ideas, learn new skills or develop their concentration, but older children have good opportunities to learn to be independent.
The nursery is praised for managing children’s behaviour well, having positive partnerships with parents and having a curriculum that is appropriate for the ages of the children attending.

But it is criticised for leaders and managers not placing enough emphasis on supporting staff toimprove and inconsistent teaching and not implementing effective strategies to address this.

The nursery has been told it must ensure staff working with babies have attended appropriate training that enables them to ensure babies’ safety, in particular with regard to safe sleeping routines, and improve monitoring of teaching to evaluate staff practice, and provide coaching and support so that teaching is consistently good.
In a statement, the nursery said: “We have addressed all points raised by Ofsted. All staff have received training on safer sleeping practice for babies and in addition baby room staff have completed specific courses already. These routines have been shared with parents.
“We brought forward the staff training day with greater focus on improving and sharing good practice around teaching standards. Through our quality assurance process the room observations have shown great improvement and that there is good practice at all levels.
“All staff have had supervisions to ensure they are being supported in their role. 
“We have been supported by our parents throughout this time and we thank them for being by our side.”