Halifax's Zoe Jones pipped to Big Brother 2018 crown by Cameron Cole

Halifax Zoe Jones who has come third in the final series of Big Brother 2018 (Picture Channel 5)
Halifax Zoe Jones who has come third in the final series of Big Brother 2018 (Picture Channel 5)

Halifax's Zoe Jones has narrowly missed out on being crowned the final winner of TV reality show Big Brother.

The single mum made it down to the final four but finished third as Cameron Cole was crowned the winner of the Channel five show.

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The final finalists to grace Channel 5 were Cameron Cole, Akeem Griffiths, Zoe Jones and Cian Carrigan.

Winner Cameron said: "I am completely and utterly shell shocked. I can't even put into words...I just can't describe it. I never in a billion years did I expect that. I thought I'd be out the first week...I just didn't think I'd be liked, I thought I was going to be irritating, annoying. I moan a lot....So I just didn't think I was going to fit in. The Housemates have been incredible. They have been so incredibly supportive. It's been the most incredible house."

"It was a dream to get in...I don't know what to say...I got what I expected and a hundred times more in an unbelievably positive way...It was the most life-changing, incredible experience."

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The last ever episode of Big Brother aired on Channel 5 last night

It was announced in September that the civilian version of the show and the celebrity spin-off will be cancelled.

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In September Channel 5 said in a statement: “The forthcoming series of Big Brother will be the last – of either celebrity or civilian versions – on Channel 5.
"We’d like to thank Endemol and all of the production team who have worked tirelessly to make the show a success.”

“We’d also like to thank our brilliant presenters – on Big Brother and Rylan (Clark-Neal) from Bit On The Side – for their consummate professionalism, Marcus (Bentley), the voice of Big Brother and all of the housemates who have created so many memorable moments.

“Most importantly, we’d like to thank fans of the show for their support over the last seven years.

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