Have a chinwag to help tackle loneliness

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It’s a custom to hold a minute’s silence in remembrance but for a day about tackling loneliness it seems fitting to do the opposite.

Age UK, Calderdale and Kirklees, has challenged people to take part in their nationwide fundraiser The Big Chinwag to help the charity tackle lonliness.

On Friday, June 19 people can have a chat with their colleagues or decorate their chin and take a ‘chinfie’ or get their chins wagging to help them raise funds for the elderly.

A spokesperson said: “There are 1000s of older people living on our doorstep who feel lonely or isolated. Imagine not having a conversation with anyone for over a month.

“Loneliness can be devastating and is a huge issue affecting people all year round with over one million people aged 65 plus describing themselves as always or often feeling lonely.”

The charity is calling on companies, schools or individuals to have a chinwag break on June 19.

The idea is that people donate a few pounds in order to have an extra chinwag break during the day where they can get together with friends or colleagues for a good old natter.