Heart attack victim, 18, is on the mend

Levi Moody in competition
Levi Moody in competition

An 18-year-old cycling champion who suffered a heart attack just minutes after coming off the track has spoken of the moment his world was turned upside down.

Levi Moody, of Mount Tabor, was sat on a wall watching his team mates race in Belgium when he suffered the cardiac arrest in April.

Having received track side CPR - during which he technically died four times - he was rushed to a Belgium hospital before being transported to Saint James’s University Hospital in Leeds for surgery.

Mr Moody said all he can remember about the incident is coming off the track having completed his own race and then waking up in hospital

The cardiac arrest resulted from an incorrectly located artery in the heart - a defect Mr Moody said he had known about since last October but continued with his racing career because he “would have kicked himself if he didn’t”.

Yesterday Mr Moody was due to go for a final MRI scan to see if the operation to fix the defect had been successful, and he said at the moment he’s not in a position to say whether he can resume his racing career.

Mr Moody, who has got a part-time job at Pedalsport in King Cross, said: “Over the last month or two I have come on a lot. There’s only a few things now where the cut hurts but it’s nothing major. It gets better every day.

“I’m not training. I’m just riding. I’m just enjoying it. I’m just riding to the cafe having a drink and going home. It’s not structured or anything.

“Nothings been said about getting back to racing. At the moment there are more important things to get right before I can start thinking about careers again. I’m just taking it one step at a time.”

A former Sowerby Bridge High School pupil, he started racing with Pedalsport CC in Halifax, aged 15. He moved on to RST and became national track champion in scratch, before signing for HARIBO Beacon Cycling Team last year.

Mr Moody thanked Matt James, James Shaw, Tom Baylis, Joe Evans and all his family and friends for their support.