'I don’t see why I should expect younger people to buy my TV licence' - Issues that had Halifax Courier readers talking

'I dont see why I should expect younger people to buy my TV licence'
'I dont see why I should expect younger people to buy my TV licence'

From TV licences to money spent on Halifax town centre, there have been a number of topics that have had Halifax Courier readers talking this week.

Dr Alan Betteridge, Calderdale District Archivist 1974-94, wrote a letter sharing the way many writers have portrayed Halifax diarist Anne Lister, despite analysing the same works.

He wrote: "Since the time of John Lister in the late 19th century, historians have presented readers with fascinating but selective versions of Anne Lister.

"More recently, attempts have been made to move towards a more balanced approach.

"Two historians – Helena Whitbread and Jill Liddington – are local writers whose books have opened up Anne Lister to global scrutiny."

He also added his experience at the recent talk of the two authors and said: "On Saturday, July 13 Helena and Jill appeared together in Halifax Minster, its inspiring interior intimately familiar to Anne Lister.

"Both spoke eloquently and passionately about their research to an attentive audience of hundreds, including visitors from across Europe and North America.

"The evening ended with a moving eulogy from one American, and a spontaneous standing ovation, leaving us all with the feeling that we were somehow witnessing something very special, a truly historic event that will be long remembered."

On the subject of TV licences, David Loney from Halifax made his feelings clear that they shouldn't automatically be free for the over 75s.

In a letter to the Courier he wrote: "At 76 years old I don’t see why I should expect younger people to buy my TV licence - they probably have enough on their plates already.

"To suggest that the people highlighted in your July 4 issue - a retired university lecturer and a gentleman who spent a lot of his money on his grandchildren - and last week’s retired design engineer who had travelled the world working for some of the biggest names in automobiles, cannot afford a licence is ridiculous."

The town is set to undergo a huge regeneration with a multi-million pound project set for around Halifax train station and other areas. But reader Neil Camplin thinks the money should be spent elsewhere, writing: "So Calderdale Council plan to waste yet more money on this rubbish strewn town?

"New rail station? Town centre regeneration?

"How about spending the money on useful things like combatting fly tipping, street cleaning, and numerous other projects that could make this town look smarter?"

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