‘I owe you my life’ - heart attack victim thanks quick-thinking police officers

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Two quick thinking police officers saved the life of a man who suffered a heart attack and stopped breathing in Halifax town centre

On Saturday March 18 PCSO Gordon Thorpe and his colleague PCSO Carol Foulkesof the Halifax Neighbourhood Policing team were in Halifax town centre when they were informed about a collapsed man.

They rushed to the scene and identified found a 69-year-old unconscious and not breathing having suffered a heart attack.

Acting quickly they administered effective CPR whilst awaiting for paramedics who arrived within minutes.

Thanks to the actions of these fast thinking officers and paramedics, Rodney Hodgson from Luddenden Foot is now on the way to making a full recovery.

The Halifax NPT posted this photo of the meeting between PCSO Thorpe and Rodney at his home on Sunday.

The reunion was quite emotional with Rodney saying when he met CSO Thorpe: “I owe you my life. I cannot thank you enough.”