'It's incredibly exciting!' - town's reaction to reports that new Marvel series is about to start filming in Halifax

Halifax is buzzing with talk of the new Marvel series coming to film at Halifax's Piece Hall.
Preparations are already underway for the filming.Preparations are already underway for the filming.
Preparations are already underway for the filming.

As first reported by the Courier on Wednesday, it is understood the latest six-part series from Marvel - Secret Invasion - is what will be filmed at the historic venue later this month.

Halifax's MP, Holly Lynch said: "I confess to being a massive Marvel geek and so the prospect of filming taking place here in Halifax is incredibly exciting!

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"It’s another chance to showcase Halifax to the world and once again demonstrate we can host massive productions like this.

The working title for the series while filming is understood to be JambalayaThe working title for the series while filming is understood to be Jambalaya
The working title for the series while filming is understood to be Jambalaya

"Whilst I am against second jobs for MPs, if they are in need of extras, I very much hope they let me know!”

Andrew Murphy, one of the owners of pub Meandering Bear - which is only a short walk from The Piece Hall - said: "It's great for Halifax.

"I understand that many Marvel fans like to visit places where they've been filming so hopefully it will bring more tourism to the area.

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"Hopefully the crew will spend some money in the town centre while they're here. It's all good news for the town."

Signs for film crews are up around The Piece HallSigns for film crews are up around The Piece Hall
Signs for film crews are up around The Piece Hall

Linda Buckley, Manager of The Gate Cafe Bar and Deli in Westgate Arcade, said: "Anything that brings people to Halifax is a good thing.

"There's quite a lot of things being made in Halifax at the moment. It's becoming quite the spot for filming."

As reported by the Courier, The Piece Hall will shut between Monday, January 24 and Monday, January 31 for filming of what is understood to be Jambalaya.

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According to a number of online sources, that is the working title for Marvel's much-anticipated series Secret Invasion, starring Hollywood legend Samuel Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn.

Filming for the six-episode series, which also features performances from Oscar-winner Olivia Colman and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, began in London last year and is due to be released on Disney+.

There has already been activity in The Piece Hall courtyard thought to be related to the upcoming filming, including the arrival of lorries, small tents and set-building equipment.

From January 21, there will be road closures in place around The Piece Hall and the filming team will be preparing the area for filming, including setting up large lighting frames and rigs.

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Businesses inside the Piece Hall will be shut while filming is taking place from January 24, and there will be no access to The Piece Hall.

There will be 260 members of cast and extras plus 200 members of crew involved in the project.

The Piece Hall and its businesses will be open as usual from Tuesday, February 1.

Nicky Chance-Thompson, CEO of The Piece Hall Trust, said: “We can confirm that The Piece Hall will be closed while filming takes place between January 24 and.

"It’s a great coup for this iconic venue but we are unable to share any more details about the precise nature of the production at the moment.”

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