Jack Fincham from Love Island opens up about mental heath battle to members of Halifax-founded Andy's Man Club

Jack Fincham from Love Island helps promote Andy's Man Club.
Jack Fincham from Love Island helps promote Andy's Man Club.

Love Island star Jack Fincham has spoken of his own mental health issues for a video filmed in Halifax for Andy's Man Club.

The reality star, who together with Dani Dyer won last year's show, features in the film by North Park Pictures to raise awareness of the club's work.

Lee Barnes, co-founder of North Park Pictures, directed the film at Andy's Man Club's offices in Croft Myl, West Parade, Halifax.

He said: "We wanted someone who was high profile and would come off well with the guys in the room. It just so happened that Jack opened up about his own mental health issues too."

He hopes the film, which has already been viewed nearly 25,000 times, will make more people aware of the club.

"It's opened up a younger demographic for the club as more younger people have watched the video because of Jack," he added.

In the film, Jack is seen sitting with several of Andy's Man Club's facilitators.

He says: "Not a lot of people know that I suffered really badly with anxiety and depression when I was a bit younger. I had to take anti-depressants. It was awful.

"In the end, it was better when I started talking about it.

"I think Andy's Man's Club is absolutely brilliant. I love what it stands for.

"When I had my problems, it definitely would have been something I'd have gone to.

"It's an amazing charity and I love the concept of it.

"What you're doing and the message you're getting out is absolutely fantastic.

"I'm glad to know you exist because I will be sending people your way if I ever do hear of people having problems."

The film for Andy's Man Club is part of a series funded by online home and garden store Wido, which gives a percentage of its profits to promote good causes.

Andy's Man Club was founded in 2016 by Halifax rugby league player Luke Ambler, to offer a space for men to talk about their mental health.

Now it it has scores of clubs opening their doors every Monday night across the country.

For more information visit www.facebook.com/andysmanclub or www.andysmanclub.co.uk.