Just Gaia tell us their tricks and treats on how to have a more green Halloween

Just Gaia in the Piece Hall sells an array of eco-friendly goods.
Just Gaia in the Piece Hall sells an array of eco-friendly goods.

With eco-friendliness on the rise how can we care for the planet whilst enjoying ourselves this spooky season?

Specialising in plastic free and environmentally conscious products, Just Gaia is the latest independent shop to open in the glorious Piece Hall. The shop stocks a variety of toiletries, household items, fresh produce and dried goods.

We caught up with owner Natalie Denby to find out her top tips on how to be more eco-friendly this Halloween.

Natalie recommends starting small - don't just start throwing things out, think about what easy swaps you can make and ease yourself into it.

“Just start by replacing one item at a time. Whether that's on area of your life, a room in your house, or a Halloween party, do what works for you. It’s about lots of people making little changes. It does all add up," she said.

“For trick or treaters, try loose sweets. We’re stocking sweets that don’t have any plastic wrappers on them and weigh-and-pay popcorn."

Natalie opts for second hand costumes. You can find Halloween costumes in all different sizes in most charity shops or websites and apps like ebay and depop. It usually works out much cheaper and doesn't contribute to fast fashion.

"I get my kids' costumes off eBay - there's loads of costumes that have been barely worn for a great price."

This year, Natalie has decided to use a more organic kind of decorations and snacks for Halloween: “Instead of buying flimsy plastic decorations that will only end up in the bin, try decorating you home with pumpkins and squash. Nowadays you can buy them in all sorts of sizes and colours - it's something that's a bit different and they look really pretty.

"Once the party is over, use the flesh to make delicious stews and soups or toast the seeds for a healthy snack. I also like to make a scary witch's soup out of purple cauliflower - it has the most beautiful and spooky purple colour and it goes down a treat with the kids.”

Check out our Facebook Live tour of Just Gaia.