Kids step up to maths challenge

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Budding mathematicians at St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Halifax, took part in challenges to improve their numerical skills.

During the maths week event children at St Mary’s engaged in a range of different activities focusing on solving maths problems.

As part of the week, year five and six pupils from the school planned a birthday party and estimated the prices of cakes, food, decorations and party bags.

They then took part in a challenge at the Tesco store in King Cross to price up all of the items required in the supermarket and work out the total.

The aim of this was to help with maths skills and would be useful for upcoming SATS.

Pupil Haroon Aqeel said: “Maths week is a super opportunity to teach young pupils the concept of solving maths problems.

“This will boost their maths confidence during day to day work as this is an essential part of life skills”.

Pupils in years four and six were also chosen to answer a number of very challenging questions from the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT).

And students in years three, four, five and six donned their sports clothes in order to participate in soccer maths, an event organised by S7 Football Academy.

Ar-Rayyan Amin said: “Maths week was a great innovative opportunity to teach the children more about arithmetic in everyday scenarios rather than using the traditional methods in a classroom.”

As part of this campaign, the school’s head of key stage two held a stall where children could buy brand new gismos, gadgets, toys and games based on arithmetic.

Mark Brennan, St Mary’s headmaster, said: “Maths is notabout numbers, equations or algorithms.

“It is about understanding.”