Marvel's Secret Invasion: Live updates as Samuel L Jackson seen filming in Halifax

Halifax will be full of superhero buzz as filming is set to take place today for the Marvel series Secret Invasion.

Samuel L Jackson outside the Piece Hall, Halifax
Samuel L Jackson outside the Piece Hall, Halifax

Film crews have already been seen in the the town centre with shooting expected to take place at the Piece Hall today. Follow our live blog below for all the latest updates.

Marvel’s Secret Invasion filming in Halifax

Last updated: Monday, 24 January, 2022, 17:00

  • Filming for Marvel’s Secret Invasion has taken place today in Halifax
  • Video and pictures of Samuel L Jackson at the Piece Hall
  • Co-stars Cobie Smulders and Ben Mendehlson also seen in the town

When will Secret Invasion be released?

Filming on Marvel’s Secret Invasion may be well underway, but there’s no confirmed release date for the comic series yet.

Some fans believe the show could act as a prologue to Captain Marvel 2, just as WandaVision was for Doctor Strange 2, with the second instalment of the Captain Marvel franchise scheduled for November this year.

If this is the case, Secret Invasion could be on our screens as early as autumn 2022.

What is Secret Invasion about?

Based on the 2008 comic book crossover storyline that saw the invasion of Earth by the Skrulls, it is thought that this new series will see a group of alien shapeshifters secretly replace many superheroes in the Marvel Universe with impostors.

In the comic books, Earth superheroes Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Namor, Black Bolt, Professor Charles Xavier and Doctor Strange join as a group called the Illuminati to secretly confront the Skrulls.

More reaction to filming in Halifax

Andrew Murphy, one of the owners of pub Meandering Bear - which is only a short walk from The Piece Hall - said: “It’s great for Halifax.

“I understand that many Marvel fans like to visit places where they’ve been filming so hopefully it will bring more tourism to the area.

“Hopefully the crew will spend some money in the town centre while they’re here. It’s all good news for the town.”

Preparations for the filming are well underway at The Piece Hall

Linda Buckley, Manager of The Gate Cafe Bar and Deli in Westgate Arcade, said: “Anything that brings people to Halifax is a good thing.

“There’s quite a lot of things being made in Halifax at the moment. It’s becoming quite the spot for filming.”

Filming preparations are well underway at The Piece Hall in Halifax

Restaurant experiencing the filming buzz

The neighbouring restaurant could be busy with people looking to get a glimpse of the Hollywood stars.

Advice from the fire service

Watch the moment Samuel L Jackson arrives

Filming has taken place today at the Piece Hall. This is the moment Dale Partington caught Samuel L Jackson walking into the Piece Hall.

He is here! Hollywood star spotted

This is the moment Samuel L Jackson was spotted outside the Piece Hall today.

Hint at another big music announcement?

The focus is on filming at the Piece Hall but it looks like they may have something else up their sleeves.

How the town has been reacting?

Halifax MP Holly Lynch

“I confess to being a massive Marvel geek and so the prospect of filming taking place here in Halifax is incredibly exciting!

“It’s another chance to showcase Halifax to the world and once again demonstrate we can host massive productions like this.

“Whilst I am against second jobs for MPs, if they are in need of extras, I very much hope they let me know!”

Halifax MP Holly Lynch

Putting Calderdale on the map

Isn’t is great that the borough is being put in the spotlight. Looks like Calderdale Council is joining in on the fun.

Reporter keeping us up to date

Halifax Courier Reporter Sarah Fitton has been keeping her eyes open as the filming goes on. Here she sets the scene of what has been happening this morning.

Dozens of people are busy carrying set and filming equipment into the historic building, a huge light has been positioned over The Piece Hall and there are lots of trucks and other vehicles parked up.

A crowd of extras has been seen gathering outside one of the entrances including some in what looked like traditional Russian costumes.

The car park at Eureka! is also busy with movie trailers, catering van and other vehicles.

There has been no sign of any of the stars, including Samuel L Jackson, yet.

Everybody keep them eyes peeled.

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