Mobile speed cameras around Calderdale this week

Police road safety camera van
Police road safety camera van

Mobile speed camera patrols will be in the following locations around Calderdale this week:

A629 Calderdale Way Elland Bridge to Halifax Road.

A629 Calderdale Way Dewsbury Road Bridge to Elland Bridge.

A629 Calderdale Way Ainley Top to Dewsbury Road Bridge.

Clough Lane, Mixenden Hunter Hill Road to 130m North of Mixenden Road.

A629 Elland Wood Bottom Halifax Road to Huddersfield Road.

A646 Halifax Road Old Cross Stone Road to 50m east of Horsfall Street.

A629 Huddersfield Road, Halifax Heath Lane to Exeter Street.

A629 Keighley Road, Halifax Cousin Lane to Shay Lane.A629 Keighley Road, Ogden Rocks Lane to District Boundary.

A629 Keighley Road, Ogden Pavement Lane to Rocks Lane.

A58 King Cross Road/King Cross Street, Halifax Haugh Shaw Road to Park Road.

Pellon Lane, Halifax Osborne Street to Richmond Road.

Note: locations are accurate at the time of publication but are subject to alteration without further notice.