Mother's warning after 15-year-old Ripponden boy nearly killed by drugs

Councillor Robert Holden is urging parents to be aware.
Councillor Robert Holden is urging parents to be aware.

A mum from Ripponden whose son almost died from a £5 pill he bought in a park is urging parents to open their eyes to drug dealers in Calderdale who are “pedaling death”.

The mother - who has told her story anonymously - said her 15-year-old son “looked like a wild animal” and was dripping with sweat as she raced him to hospital.

In A and E, doctors worked desperately to bring his heart rate down and rehydrate him.

”They said that he is very, very lucky to be here and they told him that he nearly died,” she said.

“His muscles were starting to waste away and his kidneys were in danger of failing.”

He is now home after spending two days in hospital but will need tests to ensure there is no long-term damage.

His mum said she has spoken openly about drugs and alcohol with her son and was the last person she thought would find themselves in this situation.

She wants other parents to know what can happen to their children and is hoping to start organising after-school activities to prevent youngsters from being tempted to try drugs out of boredom.

“There’s obviously a reason why children are turning to this even though they’ve got good homes and families,” she said.

Her son and his friends were asked if they wanted to buy some pills by an older teenager who phoned a drug dealer. He then arrived within just 20 minutes.

Calderdale Councillor for Ryburn Robert Holden (Independent) said: “One teenager told me that he could name five people that he could buy drugs from. It is like a disease at the moment.

“There are quite a lot of parents who are blissfully unaware that this issue is happening and it’s happening right outside their door.

”Unfortunately the streets aren’t like they were when we were kids. Parents have got to wake up to the fact that this is a major issue and we all need to work together.

“We’ve got to get the kids talking too. They’re the ones who are coming face-to-face with these pushers. They are dicing with death every time they try something like this.”