Outpouring of support for owner of Halifax mill devastated in fire

The Calderdale community has rallied round and sent an outpouring of support to the owner of a Halifax mill which was devastated in a fire.

Thursday, 30th May 2019, 12:36 pm
Tim Greenwood, owner of Greenwood's Mill in Halifax.

Tim Greenwood has helped to manage the upkeep of the four storey mill on Square Road since the 1970s and said the premises is 'part of his soul', having grown up around it.

His family's ownership stretches back 140 years, across four generations.

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Around 45 firefighters tackled the blaze yesterday as crews extinguished the blaze and to salvage as much as the building as possible.

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Everything we know about the devastating Halifax town centre mill blaze

Since the devastating incident the Calderdale community has rallied around Mr Greenwood and sent their messages of support

Here is just a small selection taken from the Halifax Courier Facebook page.

David Holdsworth: "Devastating and shocking news Tim, heartfelt sympathy at this awful time.

"With your strength, determination and perseverance you'll rise like a phoenix from the ashes, it just takes time to emerge from the darkness you find yourself in. You probably can't see that at this terrible moment.

"Focus on the positives, hopefully nobody killed or seriously injured during the fire, and the Halifax community always pulls together to help each other; it's what we do. Be thankful for the positives and build on them. Very best wishes, and don't be afraid to accept any help forthcoming; we're all behind you."

Jason Paul: "Sorry to hear the bad news Tim, hope you can get back up running soon."

Chris Hendy: "Same here Tim really sorry to hear about the fire if anyone can sort it out you can."

Jayne Spires: "So very sorry to hear about this Tim thinking of you and hoping everything is soon sorted out for you all."

Penny Jowett: "It’s a horrible tragedy Tim let’s hope it can be rebuilt."

Nicole Oschger Roberts: "So sorry Tim , hope all of the businesses can find a way to move forward as soon as possible."

Paula Connell Guillot: "Awful news Tim Greenwood. Hopefully the community will rally round."

Jason Brian: "If there is anyone with a positive mindset to rebuild and come back from this it is you Tim. Good luck pal."

Stephen Hollas: "Fire can cause so much devastation to every business on the property but let's hope they can rise through the ashes to make it better and will the council help businesses which are ruined at the mo with so many empty shops in town rent free till they get back on there feet

Jason Bradley: "That mill brings back a lot of good memories gutted to see this hope it’s back on its feet soon gutted for you Tim."

Croft Myl: "We are really sorry Tim and all the businesses effected. We hope you all get back on your feet very soon."