Sleeping bags filled the Piece Hall for the event. Photo by Rupert of

PICTURE SPECIAL: 170 people sleep in Halifax's Piece Hall for a night

Sleeping bags filled the Piece Hall as 170 people slept there for a night in aid of a Halifax homeless charity.

Tuesday, 12th October 2021, 11:05 am

The Big Calderdale Sleepout was organised by Calderdale SmartMove to raise funds and awareness of what some face every night. Deputy Chief Executive Dom Furby said: ““The sleepout is about people understanding and realising what it is like to be homeless. It was brilliant and really well supported.” He thanked all those who had helped make the event possible, including The Prospect and Pax for providing food for those taking part, and singing firefighter Jonathan Arey who entertained the sleepers. To donate, visit Photos by Rupert at

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