Postman Chris’ special delivery

A postman who has dropped off other people’s mail for more than 15 years made a special delivery of his own when his wife gave birth to an eight pound bundle of joy.

Chris Ross was on his day off from delivering post in Todmorden on Monday evening when his heavily pregnant wife shouted for help from the upstairs bathroom.

Beverly, Noah, Chloe Elin and Chris Ross after a special delivery in Todmorden.

Beverly, Noah, Chloe Elin and Chris Ross after a special delivery in Todmorden.

Beverly Ross, who was 38.5 weeks pregnant, had gone to run a bath to ease contractions she had perceived as cramps, when her waters broke and she felt the urge to push.

“I ran upstairs with Noah, my son, to the bathroom and she said to me that the baby was coming right now,” said Chris. “Before I even got through to 999, Beverly had a contraction and the head had come out. Emergency response was on its way but the person on the phone had to help me deliver the baby and told me what to do.”

With her three-year-old son present and Chris the postman performing a first class delivery, Chloe Elin was born on the bathroom floor - with ambulance response arriving just a minute after the birth.

The 8lb 4oz bundle of joy and “shocked” mother Beverly were taken to Calderdale Royal Hospital after the birth and were later allowed to go home that night.

“It happened so fast. The baby was here within ten minutes. I am just thankful that there was someone on the phone that remained calm for us,” added Chris.

“It was the best delivery I have and will ever do as a postman. Nothing will ever beat delivering my own child.

“Chloe Elin was definitely a first class delivery.”

Beverly added: “I cannot believe it happened so quickly and she was born at the exact same number of weeks as Noah. It was a huge shock but I tried to remain calm the whole time as Noah was in the room, hiding behind Chris.”