Rastrick Sixth Form head for New York

What a fantastic trip we had to New York during the Easter holidays.

Students who are studying art, textiles, photography, product design and hospitality at Rastrick Sixth Form were beyond excited as they headed off - for many of the students this was their first time leaving the UK.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about some of the sights they visited:

Empire State Building by Taryn Stewart

It was our first night in New York and we set off that evening towards the towering building known as the Empire State building.

As you walked into the first room it was decorated with masses of gold and red, it was the definition of sophistication. It took some time to get to the main deck on the 86th floor, but it was worth it. New York from above at night was one of the most breath taking views in the world. No pictures can compare to the real thing, the cold air unnoticeable due to the amount of joy that filled us all. We wanted to stay up there for hours. Even as the night grew on, the busyness of the city did not fall, the sound of the city life still filled the area, creating this once in a lifetime opportunity. When we got back to the hotel our excitement didn’t falter and still we re-live that moment again and again.

Statue of Liberty by Bakhtavar Ahmed

The Statue of Liberty was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had.

The beginning of the day started off with damp weather but nothing could dampen our spirits. The cruise there was surprisingly pleasant. Fortunately, I don’t get sea sick so I was able to enjoy the cruise. There were many gift shops and cafes on Liberty Island, and I headed straight to the gift shop to get my present shopping over and done with. I was not surprised at the steep prices of the Liberty souvenirs, but I did end up happily spending a lot of money in the gift shops, to remember this trip of a lifetime. I took a small detour to one of the cafes to grab something to eat and then quickly made my way to go see Miss Liberty herself. The statue was a lot smaller than expected but it did not disappoint. The photos can never do it justice, so I will say one thing - it is something you have to see with your own eyes.

MOMA Museum of Modern Art by Amy Cromack

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we visited the Museum of Modern Art. After we made our way through the galleries, we ended up several floors up where we were greeted by Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night. It was honestly breath-taking to see such a well-known piece of art in the flesh rather than just on a photo or postcard.

The piece was much smaller than I had imagined it would be. The textures and detail in the piece were far more in-depth than any photo could have captured. It was fantastic to be able to see the work of famous artists such as Van Gough and Monet in real life when I had only seen them before in books or on the internet.

Central Park by George Jenkins

On the third day of the trip we had the opportunity to visit Central Park. I had always wondered how Central Park would work being a large slab of fields and trees right in the middle of hundreds of skyscrapers and other amazing architecture. I imagined it being overly busy which might have taken away the beauty of the park. However, I was wrong as it was one of the most peaceful and loving places I have ever been. Central Park Zoo was full of a variety of interesting animals including red pandas and grizzly bears. As well as the zoo there was a memorial for John Lennon, who was assassinated in New York in 1980. I really wanted to be able to visit the memorial and was so pleased to have been able to do this and it was my favourite part of the trip. I have always loved his music, ideas and philosophies. While at the memorial I was lucky enough to sing some old Beatles songs alongside a man who was busking by the memorial. This is an experience I will never forget.

Hard Rock Café by Brad O’Meara

Everyone has heard of it and I have to agree, The Hard Rock Café is amazing. The food was so nice and the waiter we had was so helpful and just as we imagined American hospitality to be. Not only is it a restaurant but it also had a shop upstairs selling clothes and merchandise as it is so iconic. It is definitely the coolest restaurant on earth and the music memorabilia that was on the walls and corridors really set the scene. I loved every second I spent in New York and can’t wait to be able to go back there again.

Guggenheim Museum by Abi Elliott

It was our final day in New York and we made our way to the Guggenheim museum using the subway.

Before the trip I was quite excited to visit the museums and see all the amazing artwork - I was ready to be inspired.

The museum had the most unique architecture, in a city full of tall towers and sky scrapers this museum stood apart. We pondered our way through the galleries as it spiralled higher and higher. It was incredible to see pieces of art work I had admired for so long, especially the Kandinsky exhibition which many of us loved. Despite being the last day and knowing we were about to leave this beautiful city, we soaked up the art atmosphere and enjoyed the last part of this amazing trip to New York.