Sign a petition to stop pet owner’s agony

Nina Blackburn, from Harvey's Army charity, with the Harvey's Law petition
Nina Blackburn, from Harvey's Army charity, with the Harvey's Law petition

A Halifax dog lover is campaigning for new legislation to scan found animals for chips so distressed owners know the fate of their beloved pets.

Nina Blackburn, of Illingworth, is championing Harvey’s Law through Harvey’s Army charity after her friends minature poodle, Harvey, went missing after escaping from a property.

Friends Shaun Robertson and Jude Devine, from Sheffield, tried to trace the whereabouts of their cherished canine.

Nina says her friends contacted Highways agency, police and dog wardens for 13 weeks before they were contacted by a Highways Agency employee via a facebook appeal to trace Harvey to say they believed they had retrieved the body of a dog following a road traffic collision.

The owners say they were told no dogs fit the description they gave. Canine Fatality Procedure protects pets and their owners from an agonising ‘not knowing’ period in the event of accidents. But, after an Freedom Of Information request Nina and her friends discovered the procedure was being phased out.

Now, Nina has set up an online e-petition to stop others going through the same ordeal. The petition has received 88,000 signatures.

“To say we have 88,000 signatures is amazing, plus we have Halifax MP Linda Riorden’s support. Compulsory microchipping of dogs comes into effect in April 2016 - it should be law that owners of chipped dogs are informed if they’ve been in an accident,” said Nina.

To sign the petition go online