Success for Elland Silver Training and Youth Bands at National Youth Championships

Elland Silver Training Band became National Youth Performance Champions and the Elland Silver Youth Band were awarded third place in the National Youth Championship Section on Saturday, with both bands also receiving gold awards.
Photo: Elland Silver BandPhoto: Elland Silver Band
Photo: Elland Silver Band

Seventy young musicians, led by musical director Samantha Harrison, accompanied by a team of volunteer chaperones, travelled from Elland to Dean Close School, Cheltenham on Saturday to take part in the event organised by Brass Bands England.

The Training Band performed a varied set containing original music, film music, pop music and a sea shanty to show the varied styles of the band. They also featured a solo by their young cornetist, Edwards Griffiths, aged 11. The adjudicators described their performance as confident, rhythmical, musical and well judged and had a sense of enjoyment from the young musicians.

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The Youth Band performed a challenge set of original compositions, with a viking theme, which included a brand-new commission “Raid of the Vikings” from the pen of Jonathon Bates, inspired by the Viking invasion on Lindisfarne in 793AD.

“This is a huge achievement for our young musicians and organisation,” said Sam Harrison.

"Inspired by the competitive element our young musicians have worked incredibly hard to perfect their music and to be best the best they can be. It’s incredible to hear them perform to such a high standard and enjoy their music making.

"The result for our younger musicians is a fantastic reward for all their efforts, and demonstrates how working as a team you can succeed, which will empower them to continue to enjoy playing and reaching for their goals.”

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The two bands form part of the Elland Silver Band organisation, a music charity which provides opportunities for musicians of all ages and abilities to play brass and percussion instruments.

The bands are made up of young musicians aged from 7 to 18 years age, who attend for weekly rehearsals and take part in local and national competitions and with the support of grants and fundraising can offer young musicians outstanding opportunities.

The organisation welcomes donations and is always looking for new patrons to support its charitable aims and objectives. New members are welcome to the organisation from complete beginners to advanced levels. All enquiries should be directed to [email protected].