Team helps school group stuck in snow

CVSRT rescue students and teachers stuck in snow
CVSRT rescue students and teachers stuck in snow

Twenty-three art students and teachers were rescued after getting stuck in snow in the Calder Valley during a school trip.

The Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team was called to the incident on Saturday when the group from Evelyn Grace Academy, South London, were visiting the borough.

The group of students and teachers got into trouble while attempting to drive their mini buses down the track near to the Hebden Hey Scout Centre on Saturday, January 17, at around midday.

The vehicles became stuck and access was blocked in both directions.

Graham Gayle, art teacher at the school, said: “As we were walking down the hill from where the vehicles had become stuck, we noticed the rescue team doing training and asked for help.

“They managed to free one of the vans and the next day we got the other. We don’t know what we would have done without their help.”

Calder Mobile one, two and three were deployed along with eight team members.

The members who attended the scene assisted the group and managed to extract the vehicles and successfully winch them to safety on the main road.

Nobody was injured during the ordeal.

CVSRT Chairman Pete Farnell said, “Whilst vehicle recovery isn’t something we normally do, the Team were training nearby at the time so on this occasion we were happy to assist.”