Tech review: Looking at the latest iPhone SE

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The last few years has seen a mobile industry dominated by giant devices that many people struggle touse with just one hand.

A larger screen is handy for video playback, Skype and all the better for reading, but there’s also the issue that bulkyfive or six inch plus phones are dropped easily, more difficult to use on the go.

Overall they become annoying especially considering the iPad mini can be used for almost the exact same purpose and is nearly as portable as the 6S Plus.

Time and time again I’ve said the iPhone 5s was the perfect sized phone.

Sure, compared to the hugely sized releases from Apple and Samsung; in fact just about any manufacturer out there, the 5s looks like a toy deigned by Fisher Price but its single handed usage sets it ahead of the competition by far.

However, being released in 2013 makes it underpowered, and then there’s the camera which doesn’t quite compare to the best on the market today.

However, the solution to this issue has finally been resolved with the new iPhone SE which has a more advanced processor and improved camera capabilities with the exact design of the 5S, only this time around there’s the additional colour option of rose gold.

The SE is a top end device, but with a lower price. Starting with 16 GB of storage (£359.00) with an additional option of 64GB (£439.00) it’s the cheaper alternative to the 5C but without the horrendous plastic build or pointless 8GB storage option.

The iPhone 6S starts at £539.00 which may lead some buyers into believing they are getting much less with the SE, but the truth is that they’re almost the same.

In fact, apart from 3D touch which has been stripped from the SE, the technology on board is identical to the more expensive 6S.

There’s the same 12 megapixel iSight camera which is one of the best phone cameras on any handset to buy today, with 4K video recording and auto image stabilisation.

The power that runs everything is identical too with the A9 chip and 64-bit architecture alongside the embedded M9 motion coprocessor.

Apps will load extremely fast and gaming is also speedy with the power allowing for better graphical performance.

When compared to the 4S the enhancements are clear to see.

Waiting those extra few seconds for loading on the older devices becomes frustrating.

Although the updated hardware with Apple is often infinitesimal with each release, the improvements do become evident throughout the years.

With the 4 inch Retina display, the handset is slim, light and fits in the pocket more easily than say the iPhone 6S Plus and the hold feels much firmer too.

Unlike the 6S this phone doesn’t feel like it will slip out the hand quite as often.

Overall the SE is the iPhone 5S, but it’s much more powerful, making it the best phone to buy today.