The amount of money Yorkshire motorists get paid for pothole damage to ther vehicles has dropped by 80 per cent


Yorkshire councils payouts for pothole damage are at a record low and have dropped by 80 per cent, according to official figures.

Despite a sharp increase in the number of successful claims upheld for pothole damage in the region, data from a Freedom of Information request carried out by independent car buying site ‘carwow’ has revealed motorists in the UK on average received £276.

This figure is 40 per cent less compensation than they did compared to five years ago. The average payout by councils in Yorkshire was £209, a figure which is 80 percent less than the money received in 2013.

Carwow’s research also highlighted the numbers of pothole-related compensation claims that are submitted to councils each year, with claims doubling from 23,921 to 48,767 between 2016/17 and 2017/18.

With routes across the country worsening and potholes causing severe damage to vehicles, the AA has declared the pothole situation a ‘national emergency’.

Andrew Hooks, chief operating officer of carwow, says: “Driver safety is being compromised by the sheer number of potholes on British roads. The damage that these hazards do to cars can be severe, yet compensation payments are dropping. This makes no sense and motorists are angry.”