'They're so thankful' - first aid supplies from Calderdale have arrived in Ukraine and more are on their way

Another huge lorry packed full of aid for Ukraine left Calderdale last night.

By sarah fitton
Thursday, 17th March 2022, 11:54 am

Volunteers were out in the rain at Dean Clough in Halifax loading up the massive truck with desperately-needed supplies for people from the besieged country.

Last night's lorry was the third organised by Halifax Ukrainian Club and The Leo Group, with a fourth expected to be loaded up and leave today.

Christa Ackroyd, who lives in Calderdale and has been helping organise the Halifax Ukrainian Club and Leo Group Ltd collection, has been in Poland and even Ukraine this week as the aid arrives.

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The lorry being packed with aid for Ukraine at Dean Clough in Halifax last night

In a video posted on social media from the hub of Poland's biggest humanitarian charity, she said: "The message here is that they don't need any more clothing. They're desperate for food, for torches, for medical supplies, sleeping bags, good solid boots that can go into Ukraine - both for civilians and for soldiers.

"But I suppose the main message from them is 'thank you and please keep giving'. Let's turn our efforts to food and to medical supplies because at the moment we're really, really short and they're desperately needed.

"And we promise we'll make sure they get here or into Ukraine and they'll go to the people that need them."

Christa has also posted videos showing a lorry that came from Calderdale being unloaded in Ukraine, on the outskirts of Lviv, with supplies to be distributed across Ukraine.

Boxes of aid for Ukraine waiting for be loaded onto the lorry at Dean Clough in Halifax

"Be absolutely assured it's needed, they're desperate and they're so thankful to each and every one of the volunteers in Halifax who've sorted and packed and fundraised.

"They're in tears when they just say 'thank you, thank you, thank you'."

Halifax Ukrainian Club is expected to need volunteers to load up another lorry of aid at Dean Clough today. It will be posting on its Facebook page when it knows what time the truck is expected to arrive.

Accepting donations has been paused for now but it was hoping to publish an updated list of what is needed, again on its Facebook page, towards the end of this week.

Volunteers passed the boxes along a chain to get them into the lorry