This is what got people talking in Calderdale this week

Halifax bus station
Halifax bus station

There's been no shortage of talking points in Calderdale this week. Here’s what you’ve been saying on social media over the past week:

It was revealed this week that house prices leapt by 5.4 per cent in Calderdale in July, according to new figures.

Pauline Fothergill: The prices may be going up, but are they selling? There are a lot of “For Sale” boards around which seem to have taken root. This seems to suggest that they are not. Doesn’t help, of course, that estate agents now charge upfront to put your house on the market, pocket the money and do sod all to sell the property - after all why do they need to?

Ian Walsh: House’s are selling in the right areas, two just gone in Wellgarth, one went within 24 hours, £280.000 another 4 month £250.000 they are selling. Wellgarth a very good area, sort after.

The delivery of a new £15m bus station in Halifax will move a step closer with councillors set to discuss the proposals at key meetings. Readers shared their views on the project.

Ang Frankland: What is the point of this the way things are going in Halifax soon the only reason to go to Halifax is to drink because most of the shops are gone and more and more pubs and clubs are opening, Halifax used to be a nice place to go shopping NOT ANY MORE.

Gail Stringfellow: More drivers and buses are needed and this needs addressing as some services are a shambles. This morning the bus into town missed and when I eventually got to the bus station my connecting bus to work missed! My evening connection bus misses nearly every day. A new bus station won’t fix this problem.

Yvonne Fletcher Conner: The bus station won awards, within months aisles were closed off as they needed to be repaired, no one ever liked the bus station, it was a waste of money at the time, no one understood why it won awards, I remember everyone saying why can’t it be like Huddersfield, when the now sixth form college opens bringing more to the town it will be even worse, so the bus station needs to centre, spend the money on what should have been in the first place a bus station that people want to use, covered, warm, not freezing and windy.

James Riley: Fully covered, heated and air conditioned station would be nice. But in advance of that could we get more regular buses. There’s only one bus an hour to where I live and it stops at 5:15pm weekdays, 3:15pm on Saturday and no Sunday service!

Isolde Davey: It’s a bit absurd that in an era of awful air pollution, bus services are being cut and prices are going up. And it is frustrating that all buses are Halifax-centric. A new bus station in Halifax would be great, but a better bus service would be even better.

Calderdale Council plans to dispose of a piece of land to social housing partners have angered residents who say building on it would mean losing the last “green space” in their neighbourhood.

Tyrone Fletcher: The area is already full of affordable homes! I’d be keen to see this list of people wanting 2 bedroom houses? Most people in the area are stuck in 2 bed houses waiting for 3/4 bedroom houses to be made available. I was sure the campaign for the change in this land was to build more bungalows, a desperate shortage in the area ... build 4/5 beds and bungalows and you’ll see the affordable 2/3 bed houses come up for sale! Or better yet don’t build at all! Access is shocking (1 way road all around the area) and we have a dog groomers/sandwich shop/hair dressers as our only amenities ... not exactly ideal for even more houses to be built up here!

David Shayman Thompson: Proof we are fast running out of space ... and that wildlife is getting pushed into ever smaller corners.

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