Thousands from around the world view Halifax man's song about suicide awareness

Kieran Duffy performing his song A Cloud Over This Town (There's Always Someone)
Kieran Duffy performing his song A Cloud Over This Town (There's Always Someone)

A Halifax man says the response to his song about suicide awareness has been brilliant, with more than 40,000 people viewing the video.

People from across the world have watched the song 'A Cloud Over This Town (There's Always Someone)' by Kieran Duffy, 36, from Ovenden.

Kieran says he wrote the song while sitting in traffic contemplating the issues of suicide and depression, and wanting to spread a positive message.

The video was filmed in Halifax and features Kristan Gilliam, a friend of Kieran's.

"He has been through some tough times but he's come through the other side of it," said Kieran.

"I've had messages off a few people who said the song's helped them, so it's done it's job.

"It's got a lot of responses from people who are feeling down.

"I didn't expect anything really when I wrote the song. It's the first time I've done it.

"I'd put a demo together and filmed the song in my kitchen, and put it on Facebook.

"I asked a couple of friends what they thought and an hour later it had got 500 views.

"The response has just been brilliant.

"I didn't want the song to be town-specific because we hear it constantly.

"A couple of friends and family friends have committed suicide, it seems to be that Calderdale and Halifax has a lot of it at the moment.

"It was just something that came to me.

"My friend owns Halifax Guitar Shop and he taught me the basic chords, and when my daughter was poorly I started writing songs.

"I write poems and then put the words to music.

"I thought one or two people would look at it, but it's gone quite big into places i wouldn't expect.

"I just wanted to give someone something to think about if they were in that position.

"It's gone far and wide, it's been viewed in Australia, Africa, India, America. It's just strange.

"The video was done on a very limited budget but it's gone all over the place."