Triathlete Jonny Brownlee opens Queensbury school's new running track

Jonny Brownlee at the new running track.
Jonny Brownlee at the new running track.

Olympic trathlete Jonny Brownlee visited children in Queensbury to open their school’s new running track.

Staff, pupils and parents at Shibden Head Primary Academy have ben busy fundraising to pay for the new track as part of the school’s bid to make the mental and physical health of their students a priority.

Lynne Barton, PSCHE Co-ordinator at the school, said: “Many activities already take place within school to enhance everyone’s wellbeing. The children have been completing one km per day to keep fit, but this has previously had to take place on the playground.

“Shibden Head are extremely proud that they will be the only primary school in the area which will have a running track.”