WATCH: Meet the talented Halifax busker who has been entertaining the town for 16 years

Frankie Porter and his amazing voice have been delighting people in Halifax town centre for over a decade.

By sarah fitton
Thursday, 19th May 2022, 1:48 pm

The 29-year-old started out when he was just 13, and has been entertaining shoppers, workers and visitors ever since.

Crowds gather as people stop to listen to him play guitar and sing, with some even having a dance.

"It's the best job ever," he said. "I love it."

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Frankie Porter has been busking in Halifax for 16 years

Frankie's usual spot is outside Poundland on Market Street and he also plays in Hebden Bridge town centre most Sundays.

He grew up in Boothtown and started busking around six months after learning to play the guitar after being encouraged by his dad to get out and play and fell in love performing on the street.

"I stopped going to school so I could come and play. The welfare officer said 'I'm going to keep finding you here, aren't I?'," said Frankie.

"I have played all over but have found elsewhere, like Leeds or Sheffield, people can be a bit funny. Halifax is my favourite."

People stop to listen to Frankie and even have a dance

Frankie, now living in Southowram, writes his own material and enjoys putting his own take on classics.

He usually performs music from the 40s to the 70s, and his favourite artists include Elvis, Billy Fury and Neil Young.

Sometimes he can tell a song has a special meaning for someone who has stopped because they will have tears in their eyes.

Before the pandemic, people would often stop and give him a hug or a kiss.

Frankie when he first started busking

He said he loves playing and is happy to have found a living which fits in around looking after his five-year-old son.

He receives many bookings to perform at funerals as well as weddings and garden parties.

"People are so good to me," he said.

"I want to thank every member of Halifax for being good to me or putting up with me."

Anyone who wants to book Frankie can find him outside Poundland in Halifax most days of the week.