“We’re blown away with the response we’ve had” says Halifax Panthers star Greg Worthington over fundraising efforts

Halifax Panthers player Greg Worthington says he and his wife Amy are “blown away” by the support they have received for their fundraising efforts for the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.
Greg and Amy with their childrenGreg and Amy with their children
Greg and Amy with their children

The couple, who have been married for four years and live in Queensbury, decided to raise money for the fund following the death of their son Isaac at birth in 2018 to severe congenital heart defects.

The fund is based in Leeds and supports the Leeds congenital heart unit, its patients and their families as well as funding important research.

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The couple, who have two other children, Samuel, three, and Grace, one, have raised nearly £5,000.

Greg and Amy WorthingtonGreg and Amy Worthington
Greg and Amy Worthington

“We’re blown away with the response we’ve had,” said Greg.

“We set out to raise £1,000 and we’re not too far off £5,000 now so the response has been fantastic, really heartwarming.

“We’ve been running scratch raffle cards for hampers, changing the prizes.

“We also ran a shirt auction for my 2020 Toronto playing shirt, which raised £1,400.

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“It would have been nice to hold some events but that’s not been possible due to lockdown.”

The couple will be donating the money on April 19, which would have been Isaac’s due date.

“It’s something that is very hard to talk about in general, losing a child,” said Greg.

“You find a lot of people don’t quite know what to say to you when you’re talking about it.

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“The thing I’ve found comforting is, once I was able to open up about it, that’s been the best way forward.

“Doing what we’re doing in his memory, it pushes that on again. We’re talking about it, we’re getting it out in the open, making people aware of situations that not everybody is comfortable talking about and they don’t always want to speak openly about.

“But I think communication is paramount to helping with any trauma you face in life.”